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Is listening to books reading or cheating?

Finding time to read print books became a real chore for me about three years ago. I got to the point where I was simply dying to read books, but had no time. My stack of to-be-read print books were piling up like crazy and my Kindle and Nook were jam-packed with thousands of eBooks to read too.

My type A personality was going crazy because those books represented a to-do that I was never accomplishing and we all know how type A’s love to cross things off their to-do lists.

That’s when I decided to try audiobooks. At first, I felt like I was cheating and not reading. I laugh about that now looking back.

Now I would never turn back. I actually read more than ever. I tuck my reading into every nook and cranny of my life. When? When I cook, clean, wash dishes, garden, do yard work, laundry, shower, drive, anytime I have I have mindless things to do.

How do I get my books? I use Audible on my phone for the most part.

Sometimes I’ll download from my local library using their online site and sometimes I’ll get disks to listen to in the car or a mini walkman (I simply plug in my headphones to device which is about the size of my phone and listen away) from the library. You can even listen to them through your computer. The advantage to me, though, is having them be portable on my phone. Anywhere I go, I can listen.

Why listening isn’t cheating but smart!

1.  it helps struggling readers

2.  increases intensity of absorption of the story

3.  increases emotion grip of the story

4.  helps readers use imagination

5.  helps readers think critically

6.  increases understanding

7.  you choose your pace

8.  saves time

9.  uplifts my spirit

10.it’s so darn convenient ***

Why do you listen to audiobooks or why don’t you?

Many of my books are on audio with more coming all the time. Check them out here.

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